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First post

Screename: ladyvader14
Age: 20
Lesbian Flavor(this means you...butch, femme, etc.): Whatever. I've been described as both, though I tend to think of myself as slightly more butch.
Relationship Status: very single and not enjoying it.
Weapon of choice: A tie between my throwing knives, Scottish shortsword, and katana
Finish this sentence: George W. Bush is __a bastard. That would seem to follow, wouldn't it?_____.
A little Blah-Blah: I am fully out of the closet, and I am not ashamed of who I am, what I feel, or who I feel it about.  I'm a very playful woman who can't stand not being able to speak my own mind. I'm a bit agressive; I love to play-wrestle as much as I love to cuddle. I'm opinionated and I love words; I enjoy a good debate. I'm artistic; I paint, draw, write, whatever I feel like. And I'm also a student. (note: I am a geek, and I am not ashamed of it. I love Star Trek, Star Trek:TNG (see icon), Firefly, and a host of other shows and movies.) And that's about it.
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