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Hello (Intro)

Application/First Post upon Membership:

Screename: Omi-Bunny

Age: 25

Lesbian Flavor(this means you...butch, femme, etc.): Femme Bisexual with a kink towards transgenders, but i love everyone. 

Relationship Status: Alas....single.

Weapon of choice: my website, that way everyone on the internet can see what a jerk you are.

Finish this sentence: George W. Bush is the worst decision America every made.

A little Blah-Blah:  New to the community and LJ, looking to make some friends, if your interested in making friends, send me a message or visit my website ( )...i'd really like to meet people in my area, and hang out with some people that will accept me (getting tired of hanging around horny geek guys).
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