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Eins, zwei, drei!!!.......?!....

Screename: Suikoden26

Age: 16

Lesbian Flavour: Gender-fucked. Biologically female, but a bit fucked up and I don’t give any attention to my appearance. I don’t wear make up or deodorant. I try to shower at least every other day, but my grades are much more important to me than hygiene. However, I might be able to muster some nail varnish on occasion.

I have long raging girl hair, but that includes my legs; I’m thin, flat chested, would do anything to get out of exercising – although I like long walks with my Scottie. I also have really pale skin because I don’t were anything even remotely revealing.

If someone had to describe me they’d probably say ‘femme/tomboy.’ However, when I was a kid I was certain that I was male, but now I identify as NEITHER gender. It’s impossible to find me sexually attractive – shit, I don’t even have friends.

Relationship Status: Bitterly single and staying that way until I get my MPhys.

Weapon of choice: Wit, sarcasm, intelligence…

Finish this sentence: George W. Bush is someone I don’t know very well, but he has a cute Scottie.

A little Blah-Blah: I’m open-minded, insane, Lib Dem and I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I enjoy anything gender-smashing. If I had friends, they’d be very diverse. I’m not at all judgemental. As for music, I like Rowetta and the Scissor Sisters. That’ll do for now.
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