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Screename: mentallica_girl

Age: 16

Flavour: Babybutch-Soft Butch- Lipstick Lesbian

Status: Gloriously, promiscuoucly single.

Weapon of Choice: Intimidation and my devastating sex appeal.

George W. Bush is... CONFUSING ME!!! I was raised in a Christian, Conservative, Homophobic home and I've only admitted my sexuality to MYSELF for 2 months. I'm Canadian! Why must everyone state their opinion on Bush to define who they areeee?! I'm a teenager. I need MTV to tell me what to think.

A Little Blah-Blah: I dunno- I really havent been gay for that long. I started questioning when my mom taunted my for being too butchy and then a girl from my school crushed over me for a while. I pushed her off but she really got me thinking and then I headed off to a christian camp to be a counsellor for the summer.

I got with about 8 girls and became totally disgusted with boys (in that way), even though I pushed myself on them so much I nearly got kicked out for getting with one guy. Somewhere along the way of kissing and cuddling every worthwhile girl at the camp I admitted my sexuality to myself although I still havent came out.

Other than that, I like being a tomboy but I still love to look good. I like rock and roll, clothes, and I always have about $500 worth of makeup in my bathroom at all times ;).

A quick shot of me:

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