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Lovely to meet you all!

Screename:meghan1104 (AIM rocketmeg1104,
Age: 24
Lesbian Flavor(this means you...butch, femme, etc.): Lipstick lesbian...aka femme
Relationship Status: In a relationship with the most wonderful woman in the world!
Weapon of choice: Words
Finish this sentence: George W. Bush is a f***ing moron. All hail Hillary!!!
A little Blah-Blah: I am new to LJ and haven't quite figured out how it all works. I am looking for friends only; I am very much in love and loving it. I love dogs..well, all animals really, but especially dogs. We have two: Carter and Shamus. I am out and proud of it, even though I live in the Buckle of the Bible Belt. I have friends from all over and would love to meet new people. :) Peace, Meghan
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